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Leaders today are expected to be the driving force of their teams. They are constantly under pressure to lead effectively in a business environment that is characterised by constant change. Our leadership and management courses offer participants the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to embrace this challenge and lead their teams through these times with confidence and pride.

Our Leadership & Management - Part 3 workshop is a practical skills training course designed for people already in a leadership/management position, or those about to take up a new role, who want to explore the latest thinking and models for effective management and leadership and build on the techniques acquired in our Part 1 and 2 workshops.

In today’s world, emotional Intelligence is a critical and powerful component of effective leadership. This 2-day course will equip leaders with the skills to become more ‘people smart’ by developing ways to lead with emotional intelligence. Participants will also learn how to inspire their people with a shared vision and align teams to company goals, along with the tools to lead and manage change, ways to become a more influential and persuasive leader and the tools to raise awareness and manage unconscious bias in the workplace.

Course Outcomes

  • Assess your leadership strengths and identify opportunities for growth
  • Learn how to become a more inspirational and influential leader
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence as a key leadership skill
  • Learn how to lead with emotional intelligence, develop leadership self-awareness and become more ‘people smart’
  • Communicate your goals, vision and purpose with greater clarity, confidence and inspiration
  • Inspire and align your team to your shared vision and goals
  • Understanding change and learn how to lead change and growth in your organisation
  • Apply strategies to motivate and inspire your people to embrace change and strive for positive outcomes
  • Understand what unconscious bias is and recognise its effects on your people and your organisation
  • Explain how you can manage your own unconscious bias and implement steps to raise awareness and manage unconscious bias in the workplace

In house workshops are available throughout NZ and preferred by many businesses as they can be customised to suit the professional development needs of your team and tailored to ensure relevance to your business and your desired training outcomes.

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LM Part 3 Course Descriptor  

Category Leadership & Management Courses - Business Training NZ
Prerequisite Leadership & Management Level 1 or similiar
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Start Date Finish Date Sessions Location Price
Wed 07/08/2024 Thu 08/08/2024
Wed 07/08/2024, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Thu 08/08/2024, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Napier and Hastings
$ 1,595.00
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