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Let us show you and your organisation how to maximise the return on your training investment. How to get learners to implement the tools and techniques taught during training and how to make learning stick.

We’ve all been on training courses and had a great day, the facilitator was excellent, the course content was on point, the other participants were great and even the coffee was okay! Then when back on the job, the workbook gets stashed tidily away in a drawer never to be seen again and nothing more ever happens. The learning was lost!

At Business Training NZ we are passionate about delivering training that works, training that switches the lights on and makes a positive difference. Our team of expert trainers work hard to ensure learners are motivated to transfer information from short to long term memory and retain instead of drain.  

To ensure that the learning process is successful takes time and commitment. The BTNZ Making Learning Stick course is a course that will help you to drive that success and develop techniques to ensure that learning sticks when back on the job – maximising the return on your training investment!

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of creating a positive learning environment
  • Apply adult learning principles to foster a positive learning environment
  • Demonstrate ways to support learners through their various stages of learning
  • Interpret and accommodate different learning styles
  • Develop strategies to provide support before and during training
  • Apply techniques to reinforce and embed learning post training
  • Develop strategies to encourage accountability and motivation for learning
  • Understand how feedback plays an essential part in effectively embedding learning
  • Use the SBI feedback method to encourage and support learning

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